Genomics Expert Workshop 1

In the context of rapid and dramatic global environmental change, and the major changes in Arctic and global ecosystems expected over the next decade, what role do you think genomics can play in helping to foster adaptation of living species and mitigation of impacts? This overarching question will guide discussion in our inaugural Arctic Genomics workshop.

Key question(s) for participants (to inform discussion of the above):

  1. What are the four most important concepts you would want to convey to end users/laypersons who want to use genomic information and tools in support of conservation and maintenance of biodiversity?
  2. From your perspective what are the societal benefits to be gained through the application of genomics to conservation issues?
  3. What role can genomics play in helping to set conservation priorities?
  4. What is the potential application of genomics for in situ vs. ex situ assisted reproduction, population revitalization etc. and across taxa?
  5. What other key end users/partners do you think should be engaged in or informed about this project?
May 27, June 3 & June 10, 2021
Online (hosted in Calgary)
Led by:
Arctic Institute of North America
Workshop 1 will be hosted online from Calgary, Alberta.


The workshop will be broken into three sessions, each running from 10–12:00 (Mountain Time):

  1. Roundtable introductions (15 min)
  2. Project overview (15 min)
  3. Pre-workshop survey outcomes (15 min)
  4. Workshop discussion (1 hr 15 min)


Sarah Adamowicz, University of Guelph
Invertebrates, Arctic biodiversity, Barcode of Life

Tara Azin, Carleton University
Computational linguistics

Srijak Bhatnagar, University of Calgary
Microbial ecology, Polar microbiology

Amy Chabot, African Lion Safari
Conservation genomics

Jonathon Eisen, UC Davis
Microbial diversity, scientific communication

Paul Hebert, University of Guelph
DNA barcoding, biodiversity

Steven Jones, BC Cancer Research Centre
Computational genomics

Christopher Kyle, Trent University
Wildlife genetics and forensics, Conservation genetics

Harris Lewin, UC Davis
Genome evolution, Biodiversity, Chair Earth Biogenome

Emily Marston, AINA, University of Calgary
Environmental management

Maribeth Murray, AINA, University of Calgary
Climate change, Arctic systems, Biodiversity

Peter Pulsifer, Carleton University
Geospatial data interoperability, Participatory mapping

Aaron Schaffer, Trent University
Genomics, Conservation management

Claude Robert, Université Laval
Genomics, Gene expression, Phenotypes

Virginia Walker, Queens University
Molecular genetics, Plants, insects, fish, microbes, Arctic

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