Muskoxen and Genomics in the Community (MAGIC)

We would like to invite you to a community-oriented Muskox workshop — Muskoxen and Genomics in the Community (MAGIC), January 9–11, 2024 — that seeks to create a path forward to Muskox co-management driven by community-identified needs, and the potential for genomics-based tools to support or impact traditional herd management. The meeting will draw upon Indigenous expertise, and Canadian and International Muskox researchers and genomics expertise, and it is in this latter regard that we would like to invite your participation.

If you are interested in presenting at MAGIC, we would be pleased to accommodate relevant topics within the scope of the meeting agenda. There will also be an opportunity for networking and community engagement.

Dates: January 9–11, 2024.

Venue: Canadian High Arctic Research Station (CHARS), Cambridge Bay, NU, Canada. This is a hybrid event supporting in-person and online participation.

Catering: The meeting will be fully catered (breakfast to dinner) to those who attend in person.

Transport: Shuttles are available between the airport/hotels and CHARS.

Workshop Contact:

More Info: See our workshop flyer.

Registration: Registration is now closed.


Workshop Download(s)

January 9–11, 2024
Cambridge Bay, Nunavut (and online)
Led by:
Maribeth Murray, Peter Pulsifer, Susan Kutz, Srijak Bhatnagar, Christy Caudill, Steven Crookes, Shivangi Mishra
Muskoxen by the water. (Image: Fabien Mavrot)



Representatives and attendees from across Canada, including:

  • Northern Indigenous community members
  • Government officials
  • Genomics experts
  • Muskoxen experts
  • End-users


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