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Arctic Genomics

Wildlife genome information is extremely valuable for environmental decision making, yet much remains unused for this purpose.

The Arctic Genomics team is working to co-develop a suite of genomics knowledge-mobilization tools that will support environmental decision making. Our focus is on supporting end-users with responsibilities for or interests in the areas of biodiversity monitoring, conservation, and the co-management of wildlife that are key to the social, cultural, physical and economic well-being of northern Indigenous Peoples.

Our project activities and outcomes will support conservation, natural resource management, and the sustainability of Arctic wildlife. Outcomes will also support Canada’s efforts to protect Arctic species, and ensure food security for Arctic Peoples. This project will also serve as a model for mobilizing genomics in different regions of Canada and in other nations.


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Workshop to be held at CPDW5

Our hybrid workshop, Incorporating Applied Genomics and DNA Based Tools into an Ecosystem Level Framework to Manage Arctic Marine Biota, will run concurrently with the Canadian Polar Data Workshop V (May 27–28, 2024).
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Muskoxen workshop to be held in Cambridge Bay

A workshop on the management of contemporaneous Muskoxen populations throughout Canada will be held in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, January 9–11, 2024.
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Dr Mishra to present raptor research

Shivangi Mishra will be presenting at the 2023 Annual Meeting of the Raptor Research Foundation in Albuquerque, New Mexico, October 17–22.
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Our Platform

Arctic Genomics is currently developing an online database and searchable geospatial platform to share genomics knowledge, and make relevant data and information more findable and useable to diverse end-users.

Species in Focus

We regularly delve into the genomics of a different Arctic species. See our Species in Focus page for the complete list.
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March 21, 2024
Sparking an Interest in Genomics

The Arctic Institute of North America and TELUS Spark Science Centre (located in Calgary, Alberta) partnered to bring the life, ambiance, and experience of the Canadian Arctic to the Inspiration stage.

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February 23, 2024
MAGIC 2024

The Muskoxen and Genomics in the Community (MAGIC) Workshop was held January 2024 at the Canadian High Arctic Research Station, Cambridge Bay, Nunavut.

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